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Electromagnetic Brakes

Electromagnetic Brakes


We are dealers for Lenze/Intorq, Binder and Temporiti products and stock a comprehensive range of their brakes and rectifiers. We also stock numerous other makes of brakes such as KEB, Warner and SEW. As well as supplying these disc brakes we can offer complete conversion kits to replace obsolete brakes such as Neco, Cutler-Hammer AX11, AX22, AX32 and Brook MB4, MB30/60 with modern alternatives.

We also stock and supply GEC/Witton-Kramer/Brook Crompton electro-magnetic drum brakes such as PM and Perigrip (PG). We have most sizes of these brakes in stock for immediate dispatch.

Whoever your existing supplier is, we are confident we can beat them on price - just ask us for a quote.

Electromagnetic brakes are innovative devices widely used in a multitude of industrial applications due to their precise and efficient braking capabilities. The term "electromagnetic brake" refers to a braking system that operates using the principles of electromagnetism. These brakes harness the power of electromagnetic fields to control the movement and speed of various machines and equipment.

One key feature of electromagnetic brakes is their responsiveness. When an electrical current is applied to the coil within the brake, it generates a magnetic field, attracting the armature or rotor and causing it to engage with the brake's housing or stator. This action results in the stopping or slowing down of the rotating machinery, providing precise control and safety.

Electromagnetic brakes are favored for their versatility, as they can be found in a wide range of applications, from industrial conveyor systems to elevators, cranes, and automotive vehicles. In automotive engineering, electromagnetic brakes are employed for functions such as regenerative braking, where energy is harnessed during deceleration and converted back into electrical energy for improved efficiency.

In summary, the term "electromagnetic brake" encapsulates a powerful and adaptable technology that has become indispensable in various industries. Their ability to offer precise control, safety, and energy efficiency makes electromagnetic brakes a crucial component in many mechanical systems, showcasing their importance in today's world of automation and machinery.

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