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CY Electrical & Cranes Co Ltd are one of the largest independent operators in the crane and hoist maintenance business as well as being a leading UK supplier of overhead crane spares and lifting equipment.

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Electromagnetic brakes have revolutionized various industrial applications, offering precision, reliability, and safety. Leading manufacturers like Lenze, Intorq, Kendrion, and Binder have made significant contributions to this field. These companies have engineered advanced electromagnetic brake systems that cater to diverse industries.

Lenze, a prominent player in the automation and drive technology sector, has developed electromagnetic brake solutions that excel in performance and energy efficiency. Their braking systems, often used in conveyors and industrial machinery, are recognized for their robustness and long service life.

Intorq, another key player, specializes in electromagnetic brakes and clutches, delivering solutions for demanding applications. Their products are highly sought after in the field of elevators, cranes, and escalators due to their exceptional reliability and precision.

Kendrion, with its innovative electromagnetic brake technology, caters to industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical equipment. Their products are known for their exceptional durability and responsiveness, ensuring safety and control in critical applications.

Binder, a company known for its electromechanical solutions, has also made strides in electromagnetic brake technology. Their electromagnetic brakes are integral to the operation of heavy machinery and industrial equipment, delivering precise stopping power when needed.

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