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PG (Perigrip) Brakes

PG (Perigrip) Brakes


Perigrip brakes are a type of electromagnetic brake renowned for their precise and efficient stopping power. These brakes utilize the principles of electromagnetism to provide controlled deceleration and stopping in various industrial applications. They are highly regarded for their reliability and durability, making them a popular choice in systems where safety and precision are paramount.

Perigrip brakes are designed to generate a powerful magnetic field when an electrical current is applied to their coil, attracting an armature to the brake's stator. This magnetic force creates friction and ultimately brings the rotating machinery to a controlled halt.

These brakes find their applications in a wide range of industries, including elevators, conveyors, and material handling equipment. Perigrip brakes are valued for their energy efficiency, compact design, and ease of integration into various systems. Their versatility and reliability make them an essential component in the world of industrial automation and machinery.

PG brakes, short for "Permanent Magnet, Spring-Applied, Electromagnetic Released Brakes," are advanced braking systems commonly used in various industrial applications. These brakes combine the attributes of permanent magnets and electromagnetic technology to provide efficient and reliable braking solutions.

PG brakes function by utilizing a permanent magnet to engage the brake when the power is cut off. This means that even in the event of a power failure, the brake will engage automatically, ensuring the safety of the machinery and its surroundings. When the electromagnetic coil is energized, the brake releases, allowing the machinery to operate.

These brakes are highly regarded for their safety features, as they offer fail-safe operation and precise stopping power. PG brakes are commonly found in applications like elevators, winches, and conveyor systems, where the need for dependable and secure braking is essential. Their robust design and ability to function even under adverse conditions make PG brakes a crucial component in various industrial environments.

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